Singha Beer Food Pairing

It’s normal to come across one of the most popular alcoholic drinks being paired with Thai fare, especially fried appetizer nibbles. Not only does the bubbly brew complement the food by refreshing the body, there are also profound science behind beer pairing with food that can take the whole dining experience to the next level. 

R-Haan Restaurant Bangkok and Chumpol Jangprai R-Haan Head Chef

From the conversation with the chef Chumpol Jangprai, the head chef of R-HAAN restaurant and the celebrity chef from the reality cooking show Iron Chef Thailand, beer pairing with food is not common only in Thailand, but the matching has also been shared among the world’s culinary cultures for centuries. As of Thai delicacies which are spicy and exquisite, beer also boasts of an intense flavor profile that makes Thai food and beer a perfect fit for each other.

Chef Chumpol, who’s passionate about beer pairing with food as beer is one of the easiest alcoholic beverages to drink, explains that flavorsome Thai meal can complement beer appreciation. Likewise, beer that excels in smooth flavor like Singha can make the whole meal become more appetizing and well-rounded. 

Chumpol Jangprai Celebrity Chef Iron Chef Thailand

“The sharing flavor of beer and Thai food is the intensity and slight bitterness, especially in Thai curries. Therefore, they can easily complement each other when enjoying together. It’s common to drink beer and instantly crave spicy food. Also, when we drink beer along with a spicy meal, it can make us enjoy the whole dining experience even more.” 

Today, the top chef of Thai cuisine will give all the answers why spicy Thai foods and beer are the perfect combinations and have been constantly paired together on the table through four of his tantalizing creations. 

These four meticulously-created items are selected by chef Chumpol for their outstanding features which make them impeccable with the malted brew. 

Laarb Tord Kahi Sawan Northeastern Thai Dish

Starting off with the first item, Laarb Tord Khai Sawan, the amuse-bouche that incorporates grounded free-range Kurobuta pork. The succulent meat is tossed with spicy-heavy Laarb condiments and brought to another level by ant roe from Khao Yai. The tasty combination is then mixed with Khao Mao (fried ear of rice) for extra crispiness. According to the chef, this dish is the perfect representative of Northeastern flavor as it brings spiciness, acidity and sweetness to the table. That’s why it’s the perfect condiment to a nice chilled glass of Singha beer. 

Pla Naem Sausage and Singha Beer

Garb He Chom Krueng Khao Wan, the noted Thai poem that celebrates tantalizing dishes of royal haute cuisine, mentions the enticing flavor of Moo Naem (spice-mixed pork) which affiliates to chef Chumpol’s Royal-style Pla Naem Sausage, the drool-worthy dish that excels in sourness from fermentation. The selection blends harmoniously elements of Thai cooking techniques like grilling and marinating which best showcase the flavor of each ingredient. Pla Naem Sausage is the testament that beer is not only a perfect match for only fried items and curry. The slight acidity and sweetness from toasted rice can magically cut through the intensity of lager beer.

Charcoal-grilled Korat Chicken

The next selected item is Charcoal-grilled Korat Chicken. This item is chosen by chef Chumpol thanks to the inseparable relationship between grilled goodies and beer. This particular dish is outstanding for the firm texture, the aromatic note from marinating and the soothing smell of the rosemary that perfectly combine with beer. Chef Chumpol explains further that Singha beer that boasts medium bitterness (the lager is the product from the second layer during sedimentation with an injection of ale that cuts through the sweetness of barley) can undoubtedly go together with this dish that features the sweet sauce and soothing rosemary aroma. 

Thai-style Massaman Chicken

Last but not least, the Fiery Massaman Chicken is recommended by chef Chumpol above all other dishes thanks to the distinguishing flavor of herb injected in the curry paste, producing the intensity with slight bitter finish. Therefore, it becomes the perfect match to Singha beer. 

“Massaman Chicken Curry is fiery and boasts of a distinct aroma from the curry paste. While enjoying with beer, the brew will bring out the flavor of the curry even more” explained Chef Chumpol. 

For those who would love to experience an authentic Thai cuisine along with mellow-yet-intense Singha lager, a visit to R-HAAN restaurant is highly recommended. Chef Chumpol will conjure up these four amazing selections along with other signature dishes of the restaurant that promise a relishing experience.