Tips for First Business Trip Abroad

Do you remember your first time travelling abroad? It was such a wonderful and meaningful experience, wasn’t it? It was probably also a learning process, as it forced you to plancautiously before venturing outside the country. But, all in all, it was an experience that you came back from with unforgettable moments.

In the business world, your job may require you to go on a business trip to represent the company and negotiate or make deals with foreign investors and partners. And, just like your first time going abroad, your first time to go on a business trip can make for a nerve- wracking experience. But, just as your first time abroad left you with wonderful memories to remember, your first business trip could be just as unforgettable. That is, if you plan ahead carefully.

Below are tips to help you plan ahead carefully and fully prepare yourself for your very first business trip abroad.

Packing and Preparing for a Business Trip Abroad

On Getting Ready

Preparation is key to making sure that your first business trip is a success and helps you build up confidence. You can start by making a list of all the essential items. Prioritize work- related documents like business contracts and presentation kit. Then, move on to packing others such as business cards, travel documents like your passport and visa, as well as other government-issued ids, foreign currency, credit cards, and finally don’t forget about your clothes.

Speaking of clothes, make sure that you’re prepared for all occasions; bring formal andcasual wear, as well as sleeping clothes and clothes that you’re comfortable wearing for long flights.

By ironing out these small details, you can help make sure that your journey is more pleasant.

Make Good First Impressions on Business Trips

On Establishing Long-Term Relationships

When meeting other people, making a good first impression is important. More so in the business world. Many deals have been made and brokered based on the kind of impression made when first meeting with other people.

Considering that you’re going to a foreign land, it will help to study their customs beforehand. Knowing how to act appropriately according to their culture, as well as how to greet, and the taboos to avoid, will help lessen the culture shock that you may have faced on your first business trip.

Attitude for a Successful Business Trip

Be Optimistic

Maintaining a positive, “can-do” attitude can go a long way in making your first business trip a success. Remember, there will be struggles, and things won’t always go according to your plan. But, staying positive allows you to hurdle all the obstacles you may face. Also, by having the right attitude, you exude confidence. This is an especially crucial trait to have when working in an unfamiliar environment.

Researching Before A Business Trip

Do Your Research While Waiting at the Airport

There’s no need to take out your laptop and work while you are thousands of feet above the ground. However, while waiting for your flights at the airport, doing in-depth research can help. Learn as much as you can about the individuals and companies that you will meet, in addition to learning about the country you’ll be visiting. Don’t be afraid to talk to other passengers either. Natives will be glad to give you a valuable tip or two, from where to eat and known tourist spots, which can help make your trip more pleasant and memorable.

Celebrating After a Successful Business Trip with Singha Beer

Celebrate After the Mission is Completed

Don’t be afraid to relax and let loose after or even during your first business trip. It’d be a shame if you were all about work. It's a lot of fun to explore the destination and learn moreabout their culture. You might even want to ask your new business partner out for some social mingling and engaging in non-work conversation. You can talk about anything, from local cuisine to their culture and more.

You might even want to invite them to come and visit Thailand and try out our popular Singha Beer. Thailand’s intense yet smooth brew is a must-try for foreigners.

As much as a business trip might be about work, you’ll soon realize that good friends and good vibe can help bring more meaning to your trip and make it all the more memorable.