Carlsberg beer_เบียร์คาร์ลส์เบิร์ก

Carlsberg brewing premium lager since 1847. Probably the best beer in the World.

Carlsberg, one of the world’s renowned leading international premium beer brands, was originally founded in 1847 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it is a perfectly great tasting beer of choice of those who dare to make a difference and step up to do what the heart desires.

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กิจกรรมเบียร์คาร์ลสเบิร์ก_Carlsberg beer

ร่วมสนุกลุ้นรับรางวัลง่ายๆ จาก Carlsberg

Carlsberg beer_เบียร์คาร์ลส์เบิร์ก

Carlsberg beer is available in 640 ml. and 330 ml. bottles and 330 ml.
cans as well as draught, ready for any occasions!


Carlsberg is one of the world’s leading international premium beer brands to which has been truly committed to constantly strive for uncompromising quality.

  • Premium Lager beer recognized worldwide, founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1847
  • Ranks 4th best-selling beer brand in the world and 1st in both Northern and Eastern Europe regions
  • Distributed and available in more than 150 countries worldwide.
Carlsberg beer_เบียร์คาร์ลส์เบิร์ก
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